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We are an industry leader in packaging and we are known to partner for perfection. Our customers trust our range of transportation packaging solutions. We believe our capabilities in delivering unparalleled cutting and welding proficiency enhances our solution offering across the entire value chain.

Why Us.

Experience new dynamics of precision.

Our Experience.

SUPERPACKS, our parent company, is an established industry leader offering innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions to protect world-class brands since 1986.

With SuperPrecision, we bring decades of design and product development expertise and foray into the world of high-tech tools and machines designed to deliver the precision capabilities that your business needs.

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Demand for digital precision in today's industries.

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Digital Cutting and RF/HF Welding are the most sought after manufacturing solutions today. The modular design of the tools for the digital cutting table and the myriad weld combinations possible allows us to offer precision with flexibility and customization across niche applications.

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Digital cutting lets you experiment. Design multiple products without the fuss and cost of creating dies. You can create samples, try new ideas, innovate with your product solutions – all in an efficient and economical manner.


With over 20,000 installations across the world, though very few in India, we take pride in bringing Zund, the most reputed digital cutting capability in the market, to you. 


High-frequency welding allows you to mix and match with the four critical factors that impact a weld - pressure, welding effect, welding time and cooling time. Adjust these parameters and try different permutations to achieve the best weld for your application and materials. A variety of end products, from tarps and tents to liners and valve membranes can be created with strength and durability.


We are proud to have added these super-specialty capabilities in our portfolio. For the first time in India, you can leverage these high precision machines and take your business to the next level without making any capital investment.

Try it out and let the cuts and welds do the rest of the talking.


Be the best, together

Our Vision.

SuperPrecision is the first of its kind in India, offering super-specialty technology capabilities for cutting and welding. We invite you to leverage them at zero capital investment. It’s time to level up your game.


Let’s partner to make innovation a habit. Bring us your idea. Tell us what you need to create the perfect products for you or your customers. We want to work closely with you to script a success story using precision technology for customized manufacturing.



Uday Bapu

An industrial engineer by qualification, Uday has a passion for marketing and customer relations.  He heads the Marketing and Operations team of SuperPrecision and is hands-on with the day-to-day functioning of our factories.  He believes that innovation and customer service are key to growing business and human resource is an organisation’s biggest asset.


Swaroopnath Guha

An association that has lasted 30 years puts Swaroop in a position to understand customer’s unique needs across a host of industries.  He brings immense knowledge and experience to the table and is an expert in product conceptualisation and development.  Design innovation and sales are his strong suit with a focus on solution-based problem solving.


Nilesh Cuncolienkar

The epitome of reliability and consistency with over 15 years of association with the organisation, Nilesh heads the operations of SuperPrecision in Goa.  He was one of the first recruits of the Goa operation in 2003 and has grown to be an extremely valuable member of the SuperPrecision family.  A strong, independent leader, he is tasked with managing daily factory operations and customer relations in Goa.

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