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We take great pleasure to introduce you to Zund digital Cutting machine – Model G3-3XL-3200 our latest cutting machine. The

Zund’s cutting machine is known for its compact modular design

and great flexibility. Although it is used largely in the packaging industry, its easy expandability and flexibility make it a preferred cutting machine in other industries too. This is one of the most 
sophisticated machines out there that can cut with precision for

your application. The machine works best for cutting profiles of different materials including of different materials like plastic,

foam, fabric, wood, paper, aluminium among many others.

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The Cutting Machine.

This super cutting machinery has a wide range of 
applications across industries. It’s USP lies in cutting 
100 percent precision, customization of tailored 
product, reduced time
and speed.

Cutting Machine.

Cut with precision, save time.

Features of Zund's System.

Here are some of the super cool features of Zund’s cutting systems that 
will certainly grab your attention.

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Modular systems enabling flexible planning, no 
MOQ constraints.

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Maintains precision while working at great speed.

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Open interface for easy integration.

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Simple and intuitive operation.

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Safe investment and value retention.

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Digital cutting ensures precision cutting with 
zero-error tolerance.

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Its flexibility offers thousand possibilities.

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Versatility creates maximum profitability.

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Tailormade automation.

Gives you an edge

How can you Benefit.

The Zund cut center software facilitates every aspect of the production workflow so that you can sit back 
and relax. From file import and production planning, to cutting data optimization, cutting system management, 
and remote production monitoring, everything is taken care of by the Zund cut center software.

By optimizing both cutter utilization and manpower, the ZCC software significantly increases your productivity.

Helps to process more jobs without adding manpower.

Optimize material yield with software assisted setup.

Maximize process reliability with automated workflows, flexible job management, and reliable 
pre and post production analysis.

Make your production workflow more transparent and efficient through data exchange with
ERP and MIS systems.

100% precision

Our capabilities can be your capabilities

This super cutting machinery has a wide range of applications across industries. It’s USP lies in cutting 
with 100 percent precision, customization of tailored product, reduced time and speed.

Download Application.
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