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Our cutting technology is designed to let you cut anything (literally!) with 100 percent precision. Customize tailored products in reduced time and lightning speed.

A Superior Cut.

Cut with precision, save time.

Cutting Technology.

The technology that drives our digital cutting is from those that taught the world precision with something as elegant yet functional as the Swiss watch. We rely on the proudly Swiss Zund Digital Cutting machines with the modular cutting tables and a range of cutting tools to cater to different materials and cutting needs. Zund’s cutting machines are known for their compact modular design and great flexibility.

The technology allows us to be your digital cutting partner for whatever may be your core material and production quantity. You can add precision technology to your manufacturing process without worrying about the significant capital outlay that such a technology needs.


Harness the power of digital cutting technology used by pioneer brands such as Boeing, Airbus, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, BMW, Bentley, Rolex, Louis Vitton, Gucci, Saint Gobain, etc.

Cutting like never before.

What we Offer.

Our super-specialty digital cutting system is unique and flexible, letting you customize your cutting and production requirements. In short, this powerful cutting technology is future proof.

FLEXIBLE: Ability to create highly customized products efficiently and economically

HI-TECH: Perfect solution for products that need a precision finish

sharp cutting precision in every cut, zero error tolerance

INNOVATIVE: One solution with myriad possibilities that can be explored

CUTTING-EDGE: Twice as fast as competing technologies

Bringing precision in everything we do.


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Experience Super Precision

How it Works.

Take a peek! Watch this quick demo video to understand what all we can do for you.

One of a kind.

Digital Cutting Features.

Here are some of the rich features of our cutting technology that makes this the perfect choice.

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Modular systems enabling flexible planning

No Minimum order quantity constraints. Experiment freely

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Maintains quality and precision while working at great speed

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Easy configuration allows for tailor-made solutions

Design flexibility with unlimited combinations possible

Stay cutting-edge.

How can you Benefit.

Let us take care of every aspect of the production workflow so that you can sit back 
and relax. From file import and production planning, to cutting data optimization and cutting system management, everything is taken care of by us.

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Innovate freely with no MOQ restrictions

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Stay competitive with zero capital investments in cutting-edge digital technology

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Optimizing manufacturing and  utilization allows you to plan for significantly increased productivity

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Enhance your throughput and efficiency without adding manpower or resources

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Optimize material yield with technology that ensures minimum wastage

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