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Forsstrom High Frequency develops, produces and markets machines for welding plastic material using advanced high-frequency technology. Customers describe Forsstrom welding machine as a workhorse. Even though it is put to extremely intense use in production, it never seems to tire out. Forsstrom boasts of their machine as a strong, effective, high-quality machine that withstands the tests of time.  In addition to a strong machine, the customer also benefits from a strong and durable weld. The machine produces one of the strongest welds available in the market.

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The Welding Machine.

Our second machine is a high frequency sealing 
machine from Forrstrom. Its main capability is to 

join | fuse | seal | weld two different plastic surfaces 

The Welding Machine.

Seal with precision

Features of Forsstrom’s Machine.

Here are some of the super cool features that 
will certainly grab your attention.

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Best technology in the market compared to other 
means (i.e. hot air, hot wedge, impulse welding).

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Sealing strength, durability, uniformity of the 
weld, precision of the weld.

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100% ECO friendly.

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Repeatable, reliable technology.

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Well balanced and efficient standalone machine.

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Air & Gas tight, Waterproof welds.

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Multi layer welding.

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Reliable and efficient high frequency welding.

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Complement to a larger system of welding machines

ForFlexx- Forsstrom’s Patented 
Welding Method

ForFlexx is Forsstrom’s own, unique and patented welding method.

It makes it possible to join flexible coated PVC and PU fabrics with metal attachments using high frequency (HF) welding.

The method is so innovative that Forsstrom receives support from Eurostars. The end products include tarpaulins, tents, structures, sunshades, advertising signs, inflatable products, liquid tanks,

cinema screens, water beds and oil booms.

ForFlexx is the technology of the future available today!

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Strong solid welds.

How can you Benefit.

The super precision welding machine allows you to join two coated metal surfaces. With its highest degree of precision, weld surfaces with perfection in no time. It’s cost-effective too.

Our capabilities can be your capabilities.

100% precision

How can you Benefit.

This super cutting machinery has a wide range of applications across industries. It’s USP lies in cutting 
with 100 percent precision, customization of tailored product, reduced time and speed.

Intelligent, automated file preparation.

With ForFlexx, the joints become airtight, gas tight and waterproof. The welds are strong and the
products become solid and durable. The method is also approved according to the European 
standard for accelerated aging, BS EN 12280-1.

This super welding machine can be used across various industries. It’s USP lies is welding surfaces with 100 percent precision quickly.

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