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Weld that Holds.

Our high-frequency welding capability lets you join | fuse | seal | weld two coated PVC or PU substrates together. 

Welding like never before

What we Offer.

The power of a unique and patented welding technology that uses high-frequency or radio frequency energy to create a fuse as strong or even stronger than the surrounding material.

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Technology that performs to perfection with each repetition

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Creates joints that are airtight, gas tight and waterproof

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Allows Multi-layer welding

Seal with precision

The Welding Power.

We bring the technology of the future to you today. Our strength lies in the power of the Forsstrom High Frequency welds with a patented ForFlexx technology that uses Swedish ingenuity to deliver the most durable welds.

High Frequency or Radio Frequency welding puts the power in your hands. Using the energy generated within the material being welded itself, without any external heat, creates a superior weld seam.  The unique process allows us to join flexible coated PVC- and PU fabrics with metal attachments using high frequency welding.

Take advantage of the strongest welds available in the market.

Join together


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Create strong and uniform welds that are durable

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Superior technology for welding PVC and PU materials

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Strength exceeds the seals made by hot air, hot wedge, and impulse welding

Seal with precision

How it Works.

Take a peek! Watch this quick demo video to understand what HF Welding can do for you.

One of a kind features.

High Frequency Welding Features.

Harnessing one of the strongest welds in the market makes your products best in class with superior capabilites

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Best welding technology in the market

Seals stronger than hot air, hot wedge, and impulse welding

Planet-friendly processes

Patented ForFlexx welding method

Unique welding process offers a range of possibilities across materials

Strong solid welds. 

How can you Benefit.

The super precision welding machine allows you to join two coated metal surfaces. With its highest degree of precision, weld surfaces with perfection in no time. We have the technology and you can harness its power with no capital investment, making it very cost-effective.

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Leverage the innovative technology that has the support of Eurostars

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Opportunities galore in the automotive industry and in the construction industry

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Secures airtight membranes in mines and waterproof joints in rubber boats and oil sinks

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Useful for consumer products that include tarpaulins, tents, structures, sunshades, advertising signs, inflatable products, liquid tanks, cinema screens, water beds and oil booms

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Approved by the European standard for accelerated aging, BS EN 12280-1

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