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Our High Frequency or Radio Frequency welding services, powered by machines of the Swedish pioneer Forsstorm, give you the power to create superior weld seams without external heat. High-frequency welding allows you to mix and match with the four critical factors that impact a weld - pressure, welding effect, welding time and cooling time - which can be adjusted to achieve the strong and durable welds for a range of applications and materials.

What We Offer

Harnessing one of the best welding technologies in the market to manufacture products
with superior capabilities.

Experiment Economically, Innovate Rapidly

Leave the heavy lifting to us! We've got everything covered, with the highest degrees of precision, to
weld surfaces with perfection in no time.

How It Works?

Take a peek! Watch this quick demo video to understand what HF Welding can do for you.


Welding is a versatile and widely used manufacturing process
that plays a crucial role in various industries.

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